Comprehensive Health Management for Your Parents in India

Simplified Parental Care

You have a mountain of commitments to tackle in this fast-paced world. When your loved ones are overseas, helping them can seem impossible due to time and distance constraints. That’s why we created Eldricare. Our services offer you peace of mind, helping ensure your family members experience good health and holistic well-being through digital engagement.

Our real-time app keeps you constantly informed, walking side-by-side with your parents through their health challenges—always knowing the fine details of their care plan, encouraging next steps to healing, and celebrating great achievements.


Affordable Plans

Elcricare is where quality care meets affordable treatment. Our senior-care packages are tailored to each individual’s needs and are reasonably priced.

Holistic Approach

True healing addresses the mind, body, spirit and emotions. That’s why Eldricare’s programs are designed to focus on physical, physiological and psychological needs of each senior member


Outcome-driven Care Programs

Eldricare senior-care programs are outcome-driven. Our healthcare experts create personalized goals for your parents that help ensure improved quality of life while reducing the burden of exorbitant healthcare costs.

AssistanceHow We Help

Eldricare provides the industry’s leading healthcare services to help comfort and heal your loved ones. Our team of experts is adept at providing robust support at precisely the right time and place, meeting your parents exactly where they are in their health voyage.

Our Care Model

We offer a comprehensive care model that supports intermediate to long-term management of individuals with chronic conditions.

Full disease management
Detailed, assessment-led care planning and goal creation

Doorstep Services

Eldricare makes life easier on your parents by providing doorstep services.

Lab-sample collection
Home nursing
Medicine delivery
Ambulatory services for emergencies

Stay Informed.

Our app helps makes sure you never miss critical communications regarding your parents’ healthcare, allowing instant updates about their status.

Information about prescribed medications and possible interactions
Updates on dietary plans
Reports on activities and goals

Activity and Nutrition

Apart from personalized dietary plans, we also monitor and suggest several activities and exercises to help keep your parents physically fit and emotionally well.

Plan & PackagesChoose a plan that fits your needs best

We offer a complimentary month for you to try parental care. Please fill in this assessment to start helping your parents today!

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