Shield Lifestyle

From: 26388.00 / year with 1 month free trial

The holistic health program is designed to engage in a result oriented virtual counselling, symptom tracker & coaching on the specific conditions suffered by elderly. Shield lifestyle combines convenience & clinical expertise, with flexibility need based medical support & homebased as and when needed by an elderly.

This program is ideal for people suffering conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary artery disease, Heart failures & patients with Chronic Kidney diseases of early stages & more advanced conditions who would be needing additional & post discharge care or bed side nursing.

The plan brings regular home visit by a trained care manager to assess the needs of the elderly and as well as to perform vitals, so that nearest & dearest can be aware of the physical condition of the elderly on a regular basis. The plan also brings periodical blood tests to keep a tight watch on the elder’s health condition & brings regular physician consultation post blood check.

The program is offered in select cities.


The program offers:-

  • Detailed initial assessment
  • Personalized Goal Setting
  • Disease management Counselling
  • Clinical Nutrition Counselling
  • Quarterly Blood tests (HbA1c, Lipid profile, CBC)
  • Online Monthly Physician Consult
  • Health Summary via APP
  • Periodical virtual engagement activities
  • Monthly Home Visit
  • Health alerts to children via dashboard
  • Specialist Online consultations*
  • Hospitalization management
  • Emergency Helpline
  • Home nursing *
  • Medication Supplies to home*
  • Lab tests at home*
  • Physio at Home*
  • Ambulatory (ALS & BLS) *

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