Why Elder care?

Caring for elders requires a great deal of time and patience, a luxury we often do not have. It can be quite challenging to provide complete medical care needs of the elderly.

Why Eldricare

Eldricare provides holistic, outcome-based senior care programs. The programs are created by multi-disciplinary team covering doctors, certified Nurses, clinical nutritionists, clinical psychologists & physiotherapist. We provide care packages for parents of employees in the corporate sector.

At Eldricare we design & deliver care programs for those who have trouble keeping up with elderly healthcare demands. Everyone has a unique need; hence, we make every effort to provide exceptional services for individuals to meet best possible parental care.


AdvantageBenefits of Eldricare

As a result of the services offered by Eldricare’s geriatric care management services, all our beneficiaries experience a range of benefits, as mentioned below.



Reduction in employee leaves due to parental care.
Improved parent’s health brings employee’s focus.
Reduction in insurance claims due to better management of lifestyle diseases
Higher productivity reflects in corporate goals achievement.


Have a focused attention leaving aside parental care worries to us
Sense of contentment for better parental care despite of busy schedules
Focus on work, consistent self-improvement, career goals, and self-upskilling.
Improvement in quality of life of the entire family


Reduction in the long-term complications of chronic diseases
Increases quality of life of people suffering from chronic conditions.
Reducing the cost of long-term treatment for chronic conditions
Immediate access to wide range of medical needs
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