About Eldricare Services

EldriCare is a health management company that combines innovative technology with outstanding care management services. We make a difference in people’s lives by effectively engaging them to improve their health. Our expert care teams leverage predictive analytics, the most advanced care management platform in the world, and member engagement technology to guide, impact, and personalize the care experience.

We believe that our members are people, not just conditions. EldriCare looks beyond condition identification to create and execute specific care plans for real people with real challenges.


Virtual Engagement Activities

Regular webinar sessions with carefully crafted virtual engagement activities to share knowledge in aspects of day-to-day life, to promote mental stimulation & to maintain cognition along with elements of nutrition & fitness.

The sessions are activity-based ensuring equal participation from the elderly, helps to engage mentally, encourage them to explore & enrich the moments of life.

Holistic Healthcare

EldriCare delivers a complete care program that addresses the different key dimensions of holistic health: physical, psychological, physiological, and social.

We leverage positive habit-forming challenges, engaging activities, and effective feedback mechanisms to promote a holistic healthy lifestyle for every individual covered under the program.


Doorstep Services

We bring various services at doorsteps that avoid traversing the busy traffic to different service providers.

Eldricare’s elder-centric approach combines various services such as blood tests at home, medicine deliveries, physiotherapy services, tele consultations, home nursing, medical devices that are just a few to name.

Hospitalization Management

Hospitalization plays a key role in overall healthcare, We assist in choosing the right hospital & thus reducing anxiety amongst relatives. EldriCare has partnered with several hospitals.

This helps the individuals and their families in identifying the right hospital based on the service/specialty needed.


Post Discharge Care

Post Discharge care plays a pivotal role in the recovery of the patient or in assessing the risks, which at times may be detrimental. Our team will ensure that during the discharge a comprehensive summary is created, and patients or their family is provided the detailed care information.

Based on the information provided in the discharge summary, our team will develop an individualized care plan and assign a caretaker to ensure adherence. This will ensure a speedy recovery.

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